Memory Care

memory care

MillBrook Homes has been recognized as a “Leader in Dementia Care” by the Alzheimer’s Association.  People with memory impairments require patient and understanding care from staff well trained in Dementia care. We incorporate a familiar lifestyle into a dignified and comfortable residential setting.  Research has shown that people with dementia respond better in a home environment as opposed to a large institutional setting.  Long hall ways and large dining rooms are often disturbing to people with dementia.  Our homes that specialize in dementia care are secure homes to offer families peace of mind for those who may be at risk of wandering.  Our activities include special programs designed by the Alzheimer’s Association.

What We Offer

1. We offer Memories in the Making water color painting sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.

2. Sensory Outings is an organization that does activities based on the Montessori style of teaching, use of words numbers, kitchen activities, arts and crafts.

3. Music therapy is provided by out side professionals that engage residents in live music performances.

4. Pet Therapy is provided by volunteers that bring in service dogs that are being trained to provide companionship to those with memory loss.

5. Personal Music systems provided by Elder Turtle a system that enhances the residents ability to enjoy music of their choice and from their younger days.

6. Outings in our company van to local attractions such as Chatfield Dam, Botanical gardens, and Estes Park.